It's almost here!


We're really close to the launch of our first real product, BT/notify. With this useful new Android app, you can finally stop texting while you drive (yeah, we all text and drive, but it's a pretty bad idea). Check out this video that will show you how you can start getting your Android notifications (including text messages, Facebook Messenger, and even calendar notifications on your car stereo screen.

BT/notify is labor of love a year in the making. It all started when another driver wouldn't stop texting during rush hour. That car ran a traffic light and skidded into me totaling both cars and roughing me up pretty badly.

When the concussion finally cleared, it occurred to me that there had to be a way that drivers could get messages handsfree while driving even if they didn't have Android Auto, and that was the dawn of this app. Now, nearly any Bluetooth-enabled car stereo can display your messages on your screen while you steam your favorite music or podcasts. Check out the video to see how.


Smilinradish, LLC

Smilinradish, LLC

Smilinradish, LLC is an Android software developer passionate about keeping your hands off your phone while you drive.