This page is not about my day job, because they have their own page. If you're here, you've come to the right place for my photography and for Android apps that I write.

Smilinradish, LLC

Smilinradish, LLC (4)

Smilinradish, LLC is an Android software developer passionate about keeping your hands off your phone while you drive.

New BT/notify Coming Soon!

This is a very exciting time for BT/notify. After a major rewrite, version 2.0 will hopefully be available in the Google Play Store by the end of the week. We've submitted the app for store review, and we expect that it will be available for…

Huge BT/notify News

This past year of quarantine has given the Smilinradish team plenty of time to work on BT/notify. Coming this March, we're releasing BT/notify 2.0. This version is a near complete rewrite that fixes many of the bugs that people have seen. We've improved it to…

It's almost here!

We're really close to the launch of our first real product, BT/notify. With this useful new Android app, you can finally stop texting while you drive (yeah, we all text and drive, but it's a pretty bad idea). Check out this video that will show you how you can start getting your Android notifications (including text messages, Facebook Messenger, and even calendar notifications on your car stereo screen.